I am a Convert

I may have told you that I do most of my banking online.  I was actually a pretty early adopter, because I fell all in love with the way you could schedule when payments are going to be received.  And the bank sends the funds in time to meet the deadline.  In however many years I have used this service, I have only had two problems.  The one that was Chase’s fault, they told me about immediately and offered to pay any fees that I may have incurred due to the delay.  The second problem was on the receiving end – and Bank of America was just wrong.

However.  I have held out on using the ATM to deposit funds.  For some bizarre reason, I have felt like I need an actual person to deposit my money.  Because people, you know, never make mistakes.

Well, Chase did some good marketing with those commercials, so I went over to Dominick’s to give it a try.  I figured that at the Dominick’s ATM, if something bad happened, like my check was shredded instead of scanned, there would be people right there.  People.

I endorsed the check with a “for deposit only”.  Then I started the transaction.  The ATM offers to print a scan of the receipt, with the scanned check on it.

It was beautiful.  It took less time than a teller, who has to type in your account information.  I just logged in to check my account, and there it is.

I may never set foot in my bank again.

One Comment on “I am a Convert

  1. Haven't been inside my bank in years. Love online bill pay. Still get nervous with each ATM deposit- listening anxiously to that whirring noise—don't shred my check. But each time, the picture of my check pops reassuringly up on my screen and I breathe a sigh of relief..Kris D.

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