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Trying Something New

You know how people talk about a “Starbucks Factor”? The silly little thing you keep doing with your money that adds up to real money over the long term. The first one I identified for myself was magazines. I would buy one every single time… Continue Reading “Trying Something New”


I have been known to complain about how the banks have all of these great promotions for new accounts, but not much for the people that have had accounts since…(here is where my mother is rolling her eyes)…the day they built that branch in… Continue Reading “Awesome!”

The Difference

Now this is interesting. MSN Money has an article (well, it is really a blog post) trying to determine why some people earn $30,000 and some earn $100,000: “Many commenters noted that, from their experience, high-income earners generally exhibit several of the following traits:They… Continue Reading “The Difference”

This is Exactly What I Mean

USA Today ran an article about how there are growing numbers of unpaid property tax bills due to the recession. No kidding. I have long complained about my property taxes. I do not begrudge taxes in general – I realize they are necessary. But… Continue Reading “This is Exactly What I Mean”

Letting Them Eat Cake

MSN Money pointed me to an interesting editorial in Forbes magazine. The author is pointing out the plusses to the recession. For people that have money. It is all things we have heard before – the deals are out there, the service is better,… Continue Reading “Letting Them Eat Cake”

American Express – Reviewing the Rewards

I have completed my first year using the American Express Blue Card. You may recall that I applied for this card after I dumped Bank of America for being a pain in the butt. Because I pay my cards in full each month (except… Continue Reading “American Express – Reviewing the Rewards”

My Free Vacation

I had a whole mess of United miles to burn. I used some for the plane ticket to New Orleans. Then I discovered that because I have a Mileage Plus Visa, I could use more for the hotel. I may have written that it… Continue Reading “My Free Vacation”

The Dentist

USA Today ran another of those “what are we spending our money on during the recession?” articles. No surprises, really, but here was a good point: Still, when the economy grinds to a halt, people clench their teeth. That could mean spending money at… Continue Reading “The Dentist”

The State of Consumption

I don’t imagine this is news to many people, but it seems we haven’t learned anything. MSN Money reported on a study by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling that says : “Nearly a third of Americans are without savings of any kind outside… Continue Reading “The State of Consumption”

What is in My Wallet

MSN Money has an article entitled, “What Your Wallet Says About You”. It basically says that if your wallet is a mess, your finances are probably a mess, too. It particularly notes the terrible, tragic problem of having change lying around on the floor… Continue Reading “What is in My Wallet”