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Frugal Fliers

MSN Travel had a good article, Two Words for a Frugal Flier: Patience. Wednesday. I am not a particularly frugal flier in that I am spoiled by my home town airport and think that a layover is about the worst thing one could endure… Continue Reading “Frugal Fliers”

The 24 Hour Rule

My boss is a huge proponent of the 24 Hour Rule. He has drilled into my head that there are not all that many decisions that have to be made instantly. While he was talking about workplace decisions, Lou Carlozo at the Chicago Tribune… Continue Reading “The 24 Hour Rule”

Salary Administration

MSN Careers had a great article called, “Everything You Should Know About Your Salary“. Here is my favorite part: “Wages and salaries are set according to a unique blend of external market competitiveness and internal equity considerations at each employer, Brennan says. Every organization… Continue Reading “Salary Administration”

Anne’s Day Off

I took a vacation day to go downtown and see my financial advisor. I yelled at him for making me look at my 401(k). To make a long story short, he patted me on my little head, told me I was fine and said… Continue Reading “Anne’s Day Off”

As if I Needed One More Reason to Love Warren Buffett

USA Today gave me this: His base salary remained at $100,000, the same level it’s been for more than 25 years. He picked up an additional $75,000 for director’s fees from some outside companies in which Berkshire has significant investments. That pay did not… Continue Reading “As if I Needed One More Reason to Love Warren Buffett”

Cutting Expenses

MSN Money ran an article called 4 Expenses You Shouldn’t Cut. I was particularly interested in the pieces on prescription drugs and car maintenance. My mechanic recently told me that he is seeing people forgo regular maintenance a lot lately. Worse – when the… Continue Reading “Cutting Expenses”

"Luxury Shame"

I have been hearing the term “luxury shame” around lately. An article in the Chicago Tribune called it, “a sense that even if you can still afford it, it’s best not to make a show of it“. “Frugality is the new cool”, was another… Continue Reading “"Luxury Shame"”

Finding a Mechanic

I have talked a bit about my mechanic, Bill. This morning I came across this article in MSN about choosing one, which has way more detail than I would bother to pursue. However, it makes an interesting point about the different types of vendors:… Continue Reading “Finding a Mechanic”

Radar Bait

I love statistics from the car insurance companies. They taught me never to buy a Jaguar. MSN just published the most likely to get ticketed for traffic violations. One of my co-workers has rules for not getting ticketed for speeding (she is on the… Continue Reading “Radar Bait”

Demographics of the 401(k)

A few days ago I read an article over at MSNBC about McDonald’s 401(k) plan. Apparently, participants contributing 5% of salary are matched at 11% of salary. That’s pretty damn good. But something struck me so hard I actually e-mailed it to my boss:… Continue Reading “Demographics of the 401(k)”