The Real Year End Summary

One of the better things about using credit cards is that I know exactly where all my money goes.  When I bother to look, which is once a year.  For some chuckles and the official record, here are some highlights:

Gasoline: $2,002.42

My mother says this is obscene, and I agree, especially since this was not exactly a road trip year.  But there is nothing to be done about it so I’m not going to worry.

I spent $1,718.42 maintaining my car, which will be nine years old this Spring.  This doesn’t sound so bad and it tells me that I don’t really need a new car in 2012.

Noodles & Company:  $477.54  That seems low to me.  Oh.  Because that’s just the one in Glenview.  Hang on..doing math..$903.67.  Yeah.  That sounds right.

My biggest merchant this year was United Airlines, followed by a certain hotel in Washington DC, but I am not sure those count because they were my employer’s expenses.

Here is a shocker: $229.57 in bookstores.  That must be an adult-life all time low.  Eh.  Wait.  That doesn’t count  Double that number.

I will not be telling you the cost of my spa habit, because I am embarrassed.  I will not disclose the amount I paid to my veterinarian because it will make my mother cry.  And it would involve more math.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, could sum up my year.  Travel, pet care, car and Noodles & Company.  I am now ready to do my taxes.

One Comment on “The Real Year End Summary

  1. I can only imagine what my Target total would be. I don’t think I’ll add that one up.

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