Category: First World Problems

I Went on Vacation and It Was OK

My pack of friends had been talking for weeks about have a get together sometime, as COVID numbers were climbing and summer was waning. We’d also been talking about summer vacations. No one wants to fly and then Cook County started putting quarantine restrictions… Continue Reading “I Went on Vacation and It Was OK”

Airplanes and Shared Negative Nostalgia

I actually Googled whether there was a corresponding negative word for “nostalgia” and it turns out I am not the first person online to ask.  There isn’t one.  “Flashback”  “Dragging up memories”.  Meh.  There are too many nuances. I saw my chiropractor last week. … Continue Reading “Airplanes and Shared Negative Nostalgia”

The Year in Review – Sort Of

I have been a horrible blogger this year.  So horrible that when I sat down to write about my goals and whatever, I went back to read my post on reflections from 2013 and found that I hadn’t written one. In a larger context,… Continue Reading “The Year in Review – Sort Of”

Christmas Princess Shopping

This year, my family finally got its act together and made some Amazon wish lists.  The adult ones are incredibly boring, but for the kids, it is quite useful.  Then this happened.  From the list of Ashlyn, age 3 1/2: That is a Barbie… Continue Reading “Christmas Princess Shopping”

Sometimes, the System Works

I ran an errand this morning, then went to yoga.  When I was finished, I went back to my car and looked at my phone.  There was a voicemail from an 800 number that turned out to be Amex.  Fraud alert, please call.  So… Continue Reading “Sometimes, the System Works”

The Price of Low Fat Chocolate Milk

On the average day, I drink a Milk Chug for breakfast.  To be specific, a 16 ounce bottle of Dean’s Low Fat Chocolate Milk.  All chocolatey goodness with the required protein and ridiculously convenient.   I buy them from the sundry store in my… Continue Reading “The Price of Low Fat Chocolate Milk”

On Conferences

I was at SHRM, a big city-wide national conference last week.  The sessions were great, the key note speakers were fabulous and I feel like it was totally worth my time and (my employer’s) money. However, I am growing old and judgmental so I… Continue Reading “On Conferences”

How the Target Pharmacy Lost my Business

or Today’s Rant of My First World Problems. The stupidest use of legislation ever was the State of Illinois deciding that it would combat the evil meth labs by making it painfully inconvenient for the Good People to obtain pseudoephedrine.  Without which I cannot… Continue Reading “How the Target Pharmacy Lost my Business”