Fine. I’ll Write Something Nice.

But it starts with:

I am so old that I have started reading “The Glenview Report”.  The newsletter from my village board.  Because I care.  Or something.  There were two pieces of news:

Most of the newsletter was taken up with an explanation of the new contract with the garbage collection company.  Three things happened:

  1. We lost the option of having twice weekly service.  That was fine with me since we dropped to once weekly service over a year ago and have been perfectly happy with it.
  2. We are all required to use the garbage collection company’s special garbage cans that are designed so that a contraption on the truck can lift and empty them.  The Village is going to pay for us to get them.  That is doubly fine with me since we already have said special garbage cans and will no longer have to pay the fee to rent them. 
  3. After these changes the monthly cost of the service is…wait for it…going down.

So we get the same service and pay less for it.  Go Glenview.

Also, in a small corner of the newsletter was a piece about Lockheed Martin renting space in our big, fancy police station for training and stuff.  Inasmuch as I think the big, fancy police station is a monstrosity (that I resent even further since the library has had to fight tooth and nail for every dollar) I have to say I am pleased to see that some revenue is being generated through it.  $75,000 was the number reported, I believe.

So thank you, Village Board.  You seem to have done some good work here.

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