The First Blanket

I finished my first blanket for Project Linus.  No – I am not a crocheting prodigy.  I have had the thing mostly done in a cubby since before Ainslie was born.  I had only three skeins of yarn to go.

I only do one stitch and I only used one color of yarn, so it was ridiculously simple.  But it was large enough and the color was such that it will be good for an older kid, which seems to be what they need.  (Note:  Toys for Tots has the same problem.  They receive way more donations for toddlers than they do for the older kids.)  So I am making the older kids my mission.  Anyway here it is:

For my own notes – the color was Garnet and the yarn was TLC Amore, which I can’t seem to find at Michael’s or Joann anymore.  Too bad, because it was soft, had an interesting texture, wasn’t too stringy, but just enough to hide my newbie mistakes.
I left it at a local drop off point this morning, which was a big mistake because I figured that as long as I was out, I might as well hit the sales.
Bad idea.
Anyway, for the next project, I am refusing to learn a new stitch.  However, when I was a kid, my mother made a blanket by crocheting long strips of different colors and then stitching them together.  I always liked that and I think I can pull it off.  It is also convenient because I can have more than one going at the same time, so I don’t have to run it up and down the stairs.
I started watching a new course on Academic Earth, so that I am not tuning in to garbage on TV while working on this stuff.  And of course, there is always some sporting event to watch.  This might get me through the winter.

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