Blanket Two

I just finished the second blanket for Project Linus.  For my “records”:

Caron Soft Yarn – Lt. Country Blue, Country Blue, Dk Country Blue

(My mother says it reminded her of the Dallas Cowboys.)  Project Linus makes a point that they always need blankets for older kids, so this was pretty large.  They also ask for neutral colors, which I decided just means No Pink.  Oh, darn.

I decided to work in strips, so that each piece would be portable until I put it together at the end.  I used a much smaller hook than I normally do, and while it worked fine for the yarn, it took forever and snagged more often than made me happy.  I don’t think I will do that again.

Twelve strips crocheted together, and then I did two finishing rows around each end.  Being all careful not to make rounded corners, because my mother doesn’t like that (rolls eyes).

This took me from just before Christmas until right now.  That’s too long, I think.

The big, painful thing that I learned is that it doesn’t matter what the label says, the skeins are not the same.  I ended up having to add rows to each piece (meaning all but one) at the end to make them come out even.

However, I also learned that I can make stuff up and it turns out ok.  Even when I only know how to do one stitch.  And I am nearly through my second audio book, too.

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