Christmas 2009: The Take

My family arrived for Boxing Day pizza and presents and check out what I got:

From my brother.  Who knew they made Star Wars sheets for a queen sized bed?  People that shop at Pottery Barn Kids.
My mother ordered me a kitchen cart for the bird room, which my brother said he would build for me during football on New Years Day.  Awesome.  And check out what else she did:
I drew this picture of a Hyacinth Macaw in 8th grade art class.  She found it in the back of a closet somewhere and had it framed for the bird room.  Obviously I did not inherit my father’s talent.  She also framed this one below, of a Double Yellow Amazon, that my brother did when he took the same art class in the 8th grade.  He is rather more talented than I, but better developed his skill drawing in comic book style.

My grandfather made a donation to the rescue for me.  And Santa left Laffy Taffy and a gift card to Meatheads in my stocking.

Ahhhh.  The Loot.

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