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Christmas Day 2009

You might be aware that I celebrate with my family on Boxing Day, the 26th, rather than on Christmas Day. For the third year in a row, this has given me the extra day to inish whatever Christmas crafty-gift I hadn’t yet completed. This… Continue Reading “Christmas Day 2009”

The Rug

I believe I mentioned that while I was in New Orleans, I custom-ordered a rug from a weaver in the French Quarter. They are woven from your average cotton quilting fabric. Besides being interesting looking, they are: Totally. Washable. As in you could throw… Continue Reading “The Rug”

At the Refuge – The Mural

The construction is finally done at the Refuge, and while our director has been on vacation, Megan did this for our entryway: My mother wants one for our kitchen. But I want a portrait of Kiwi the Grey and she wants a landscape and… Continue Reading “At the Refuge – The Mural”

No, this was not her real Christmas Gift.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what I made my mother for Christmas. Decorative felt thingy that goes over a chair. Why did my mother get this disgustingly cutesy thingy? Because I actually managed to put it together without any assistance from her. First time… Continue Reading “No, this was not her real Christmas Gift.”

During the Bears Game

Before the Game started, I made myself a sandwich and steamed some frozen vegetables for Daisy. Kiwi never eats her vegetables. So what happened? Daisy took a chunk of my sandwich and flew away. Kiwi went to check out the vegetables. Shadow just didn’t… Continue Reading “During the Bears Game”

Baby Blanket

So one day my sister in law Becky – who is expecting a baby girl in December – tells me that she needs baby blankets. No one will think she needs baby blankets because she has already had a baby. But she does. I… Continue Reading “Baby Blanket”