Too Much Yarn

The Project Linus people, and my own mother, will tell you that there is no such thing as too much yarn. ‘Cause we’re going to use it all, right?

Just like I am going to read all of these books “sometime”.

Yarn is overflowing from its designated storage area in my house.  I have officially implemented a double-discount purchasing rule – I will only buy yarn when it is on sale and I have some other discount on top of that.  My first “scrap yarn” blanket has become a “scrap and clearance yarn” blanket.  It is going to be much prettier, anyway.

However, since I’ve been buying all of this yarn I have spent rather less money in other places.  Such as:

  1. I have not purchased a single handbag in all of 2011.
  2. I quit buying DVDs (although I really want to pick up True Blood Season 3 right now).
  3. I haven’t been in a bookstore in over three weeks.
  4. I even blew off the last book sale at the Arlington Heights Library (although I did go to the Borders clearances a non-zero number of times, so this one probably doesn’t count).
  5. I’ve stopped the random toy shopping for the nieces and nephew.  They have enough stuff.
Thank you for indulging my self-rationalization.  Perhaps I can return to the daily puppycast tomorrow.

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