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Cider Doughnuts and Football

Weekend Assignment # 343: Fall Favorites Some people like autumn leaves. Others like foods associated with this time of year, particular holidays, sports, weather, or even the run up to Christmas and Hanukkah. What is your favorite thing about Fall? (Note: if you’re in… Continue Reading “Cider Doughnuts and Football”


Weekend Assignment # 342: Read It Again Some people like to read a book once, and then they’re done. The plot is resolved and they know whodunnit, so it’s time to move on to the next book. Other people reread a favorite book every… Continue Reading “Re-Reads”

Only the Candy Remains

Weekend Assignment # 341: How Do You Do Halloween? Each year at this time, we are told that Halloween is second only to Christmas in its commercial impact. Once an amalgam of religious holidays, it has grown over the years, at least in the… Continue Reading “Only the Candy Remains”


Weekend Assignment # 341: Overexposed Some things (or people) explode into the culture, are really big for a while and then overstay their welcome. Who or what are you really tired of seeing, hearing or reading about these days? Extra Credit: What discarded bit… Continue Reading “Overexposed”

Not Very Far

Weekend Assignment # 340: How Far Would You Go? Some people travel hundreds of miles (in extreme cases, thousands of miles) to see a concert by a favorite performer, or to meet their favorite writers at a convention, or to attend some other kind… Continue Reading “Not Very Far”

It Was Mostly Happy

Weekend Assignment # 339: Happy Endings Tell us about the last day of anything: the last day of school or a job, your last day as a smoker, the last day before you moved or got married, the last day before you got that… Continue Reading “It Was Mostly Happy”

Beam Me Up. Probably.

Weekend Assignment # 338: A World of Their Own Even as astronomers discover planets that may be capable of supporting life, such destinations remain out of reach of would-be human colonists, even if the world is “only” twenty light years away. But if some… Continue Reading “Beam Me Up. Probably.”

E and I

Weekend Assignment #337: Lone Wolf, or Part of the Pack? Some people are happiest when they’re part of a group. They may be leader of the pack, or actively contribute to the group’s efforts, or simply hang out with the others for companionship, and… Continue Reading “E and I”

The Magic Housekeeper

Weekend Assignment #336: Magic Button If you could have a magic button that would do one particular thing for you, up to once a day, what would that function be?Extra Credit: Would your answer to the above change if it were a person doing… Continue Reading “The Magic Housekeeper”

Historic Landmarks – The Grove

Weekend Assignment #335: History We don’t all live near the site of a battlefield or other world-famous event, but any place has its own history: political, cultural, even natural history. How aware are you of the past of the town, city or state where… Continue Reading “Historic Landmarks – The Grove”