Beam Me Up. Probably.

Weekend Assignment # 338: A World of Their Own

Even as astronomers discover planets that may be capable of supporting life, such destinations remain out of reach of would-be human colonists, even if the world is “only” twenty light years away. But if some science fictional technology were discovered in the next year or two (warp drive, matter transmission or whatever) that made it possible to leave Earth behind and go live on another planet, would you be tempted to do so? If you choose not to relocate, would you be interested in just visiting the place instead?

Extra Credit: If you did go, whether on vacation or as a colonist, and you were only allowed to bring one small suitcase with you, what would be in it?
I can’t say that I am tempted to go live on another planet.  But all other things being equal (namely, that I am convinced it is relatively safe and it doesn’t cost tons more than my average vacation), I would be happy to visit another planet.  However, there are a bunch of other variables depending on whether the planet is inhabited by sentient beings.  Can we communicate with them?  Do they welcome visitors?  What do we know about their history and culture?  Do they have wi-fi?
If I could only bring one small suitcase, it would contain:

  1. Changes of clothes
  2. Digital camera and extra batteries
  3. Something to write in.  I had a Moleskin once, wonder what happened to it?
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Drugs.  Of the anti-motion sickness variety.  ‘Cause if that is anything like the Star Tours ride…

2 Comments on “Beam Me Up. Probably.

  1. Oh, it didn't occur to me that there might already be indigenous people there. Interesting point! Obviously, I wouldn't want to have anything to do with an imperialist situation, with Earth people taking over from a planet's rightful owners!

  2. Likewise if there were indigenous peoples… I guess this wouldn't be a question of vacation, then, than of establishing diplomatic relations (hopefully that, and not the scenario Karen suggests). Vacations might not be okay until much later…

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