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Weekend Assignment # 354: Tour GuideDo friends or relatives from out of town ever visit you? If so, do you take them sightseeing? Where? Extra Credit: What is the most interesting place you ever went sightseeing while visiting someone else? Well, you can’t really… Continue Reading “Touring”

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Weekend Assignment # 353: My Fifteen Minutes Andy Warhol famously said that in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Have you had yours? For purposes of this assignment, “fame” includes public speaking, amateur plays, any tv or radio appearance, being a… Continue Reading “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

Winter Work

Weekend Assignment # 352: Winter Work Now that the new year has begun, most of us are back at work, with only a few holidays to look forward to over the next several months. Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere wake now to… Continue Reading “Winter Work”

New Years

Weekend Assignment # 351: What Are You Doing New Year’s? Where do you typically spend New Year’s Eve? What are you usually doing when the big moment arrives? Will this year be as usual, or are you doing something different? Extra Credit: To the… Continue Reading “New Years”

Best Gift Ever

Weekend Assignment # 350: Best. Gift. Ever.What is the best gift you’ve ever gotten from anyone? Extra Credit: To the best of your recollection, what is the best gift you ever gave someone else? Funny enough that I literally just used this question for… Continue Reading “Best Gift Ever”

Holiday Parties

Weekend Assignment # 349: Party Hardy or Party Hardly? This is the time of year for office parties, family reunions, New Year’s Eve parties and holiday parties in general. Are you a party animal or a party avoider? Do you go to parties because… Continue Reading “Holiday Parties”

Influence with a Capital O

Weekend Assignment # 348: Trendsetters Musicians, writers and other artists frequently have an impact on their fans that goes beyond simple enjoyment of their work. Many rock stars have had an influence on fashion or politics or both, and fictional characters sometimes inspire real… Continue Reading “Influence with a Capital O”

About Cars

Weekend Assignment # 347: Car Crazy Some people are car connoisseurs, able to discuss the finer points of 1960 Corvette engines, find or build replacement Model T parts, or argue the merits of the latest high-end Italian sports car. (Okay, maybe it’s not the… Continue Reading “About Cars”

A Final Word on Black Friday

Weekend Assignment # 346: Holiday Shopper Ack! The holiday shopping season is upon us! What is your shopping strategy for this time of year? Do you spread out your shopping over weeks and months, or try to get it all done at once? Do… Continue Reading “A Final Word on Black Friday”

In Honor of Thanksgiving. Or Something.

Weekend Assignment # 245: Give Thanks Thanksgiving is upon us, the time of year when we’re asked what we’re thankful for. Let’s take the opportunity to interpret this literally, and actually thank someone! Tell us about someone in your life, past or present, whom… Continue Reading “In Honor of Thanksgiving. Or Something.”