It Was Mostly Happy

Weekend Assignment # 339: Happy Endings

Tell us about the last day of anything: the last day of school or a job, your last day as a smoker, the last day before you moved or got married, the last day before you got that car you always wanted, or even the last day of a particularly memorable vacation. Here’s the catch: I’m looking for happy memories here, happy endings rather than tragic ones.

Extra Credit: What happened the next day?
May….something, 1996.  Washington, DC.  My dorm room was packed up.  My electronics were in storage for my brother, who would arrive with the incoming freshmen in August.  I’d had the worst case of senioritis you could imagine and was so ready to go home.  I finished my final exam and met up with the gang for lunch.
I had mismanaged my on-campus dining funds, such that I had a couple hundred dollars left on my i.d.  So we went over, ordered pizzas and I let the kids go grocery shopping in the cafe.  That was a lot of bags of Doritos.  Then we sat down to eat, and figure out how the heck we would manage to keep in touch:  with me going home, Christine going home to St. Louis, etc.  The difference this year was that Christine and I weren’t coming back to school in the fall. 
Dean and I were good at writing.  Christine and I lived close enough to each other to meet up for random weekends.  Louie was a problem.  But the summer before, we had all met up someplace in Ohio, so we were pretty sure we could pull it off again.
After pizza, we dragged the pop and chips and candy back to the guys’ room.  And they helped Christine and me pack the car.  We were driving to St. Louis, where I would spend a couple of nights with her family and then hitch a ride with another friend to get home.  And to get to St. Louis, one goes right by Graceland.  So we would be able to make the pilgrimage.  (I really have to get those pictures scanned.) 
Early afternoon Christine and I headed out the campus gates, headed for the next adventure.  We were lost before we got out of the District.
The next day we arrived in Memphis.  We stayed at the Rock n Roll Days Inn – just in time to catch the Bulls Game.  It was the playoffs the year they started the second threepeat.  So I sat glued to the television while Christine found some carryout.  It was a good day.

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