Weekend Assignment # 341: Overexposed

Some things (or people) explode into the culture, are really big for a while and then overstay their welcome. Who or what are you really tired of seeing, hearing or reading about these days?

Extra Credit: What discarded bit of pop culture do you remember fondly?

Anyone who was ever made “famous” by a reality TV show.

I am pointing in particular to The Hills and the Housewives shows. I have not watched any of them, but I have seen enough commercials. I will also throw in Paris Hilton, Omarosa, and whatever show “The Situation” is on.

I’ve said before: my feeling is these shows generally reward bad behavior and I refuse to participate by watching. And it seems that I am missing lots of pop culture references these days, which makes me even more resentful.

They make me feel old.

It is my opinion that Reality TV peaked when Puck was kicked out of the San Francisco house. And it jumped the shark with the “Rats and Snakes” (which I did watch).

I miss the old scripted soap operas: Dallas and Dynasty. Knots Landing and Falcon Crest. They were over-the-top dramatic, they had people to root for and those that you loved to hate. And they were not (even remotely or through skillful editing) real.

One Comment on “Overexposed

  1. Wow, I must be really disconnected from this part of the culture, because I've never heard of some of these. There do seem to be an awful lot of reality show, though, and you're right: from what I've seen, most of them do seem to reward bad behavior!

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