Cider Doughnuts and Football

Weekend Assignment # 343: Fall Favorites

Some people like autumn leaves. Others like foods associated with this time of year, particular holidays, sports, weather, or even the run up to Christmas and Hanukkah. What is your favorite thing about Fall? (Note: if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, tell us about Spring instead!)

Extra Credit: What do you like least about this time of year?

This year was kind of a bust, because it was raining, but I look forward to picking apples at the orchard. There is a place on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin that does the pick-your-own thing that I have been doing with my brother and nephew every year. Then at the end, they have the shops with cider, meats and cheeses, and cider doughnuts.

Cider doughnuts are the best. Thankfully, we got there early this year, because that line is no joke.

Also, hope springs eternal and I always look forward to the beginning of football season. And by the time that might start to disappoint, hockey and basketball start. I haven’t been watching television in real time because there are games to watch. (And books to read and movies to catch, but nevermind.)

I realize I am in the minority, but leaves make me crazy. They are everywhere and always more and more and then they get wet and grow mold and I am allergic to mold so my sinuses have been bothering me for two weeks. But what I like least is the shorter days. That lead to the cold, dead winter.

One Comment on “Cider Doughnuts and Football

  1. Ah, apples! Arizona has some apple orchards, but nothing like what I grew up with in Central New York. I have cider in the fridge right now. I don;t think I've ever heard of cider doughnuts, though. Sounds intriguing!

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