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Joys of the Season

Weekend Assignment #334: What Are You Looking Forward To?We are about to begin the last quarter of 2010, tell me what you are looking forward to. Will it be the coming holiday season? The cooler days of autumn? The kids going back to school?… Continue Reading “Joys of the Season”

Defining Graffiti. And Art.

Weekend Assignment #333: Writing on the Wall Have you ever written on a bathroom wall, or left graffiti anywhere at all? Confess! I promise we’ll go easy on you! How do you feel about the ethics of graffiti, and the level of discourse sometimes… Continue Reading “Defining Graffiti. And Art.”

Is it Fall Yet?

Weekend Assignment #332: Back To School In just a couple weeks, students will be heading back to school. Share with us what that means in your life. Are you currently shopping for school supplies for the students in your life? Are you planning on… Continue Reading “Is it Fall Yet?”

Processed and Melted

Another Weekend Assignment Rewind  (Because I am tired and cranky and don’t have anything nice to say.) Weekend Assignment #311: What is your favorite kind of cheese and why? Do you have it often, or just occasionally? Extra Credit: Is there a kind of… Continue Reading “Processed and Melted”

The Answer is Cake

Weekend Assignment #331: Cake V. Pie (A Scalzi Flashback) Which is better — cake or pie? Explain your reasoning. Will you choose the moist sponginess and frosting-topped goodness of cake? Or will you side with those flaky crust-adoring, fruit-filling fanatics of the pie nation?… Continue Reading “The Answer is Cake”

"Special Places"

Weekend Assignment #329: Lost and FoundHave you ever lost something important (or else just really unusual), only to find it again months or even years later? Were you glad to get it back, or was it no longer worth having by then? Tell us… Continue Reading “"Special Places"”

I Don’t Beat It, I Join It

Weekend Assignment #327: Beat the Heat! Summer is well underway now. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the days are long and the sun is on its way to being about as hot as it gets in your particular climate. How do you… Continue Reading “I Don’t Beat It, I Join It”

Fantasy Camp

Weekend Assignment #326: Off To Camp Guess what? You have been offered the chance to be the keynote speaker at a world famous fantasy camp! Great! Tell us what kind of camp it is, and what makes you such an expert! Extra Credit: Create… Continue Reading “Fantasy Camp”

Weekend Assignment: Rewind to #312

Weekend Assignment #312: Write A Culinary Review.Your reviews can be about a favorite restaurant, or a specific item on a menu. Packaged foods, or something you created yourself. It’s all up to you. Your take on it can be positive or negative, hey, it’s… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment: Rewind to #312”

Learned Helplessness

Weekend Assignment #323: Tech Savvy When you bring home some new piece of technology, do you usually get it up and running with pleasant anticipation and calm confidence, or is there more likely to be much swearing, wailing and gnashing of teeth? What’s the… Continue Reading “Learned Helplessness”