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Project Linus Volunteer Appreciation – 2012

Most non-profits will have some kind of annual gathering to thank the volunteers.  Cocktail parties around the holidays are rather popular.  My chapter of Project Linus has a Saturday morning tea in September. The fabulous thing about it is the program filled with representatives… Continue Reading “Project Linus Volunteer Appreciation – 2012”

Blankets 48 – 55

There was a ton – a ton – of donated fleece at Starbucks night last month.  I took eight pieces and managed to finish them all just in time. Nothing fancy going on here.  The Cubs fleece has embroidered logos, which some kid is… Continue Reading “Blankets 48 – 55”

Blankets 45-47 and the Community Blanket Concept

OMG I totally forgot to take pictures of the three finished blankets that I brought to Starbucks night. One was a solid pink fleece with the variegated yarn from Joann Fabric. The second was a solid purple blanket with a different variegated fleece from… Continue Reading “Blankets 45-47 and the Community Blanket Concept”

Blankets 40 – 44 of 2012

Today was the bi-monthly Blanket Day for my chapter of Project Linus.  I hadn’t quite finished my stash, which is ok because Starbucks night is this week.  However, I managed to bring in five: We are about at the point where I don’t know… Continue Reading “Blankets 40 – 44 of 2012”

Blankets 34 – 39

Starbucks night is tomorrow and here is my latest batch of Project Linus blankets: On the left with the vintage cars has four rows of Caron white.  The red one in the center has a variegated yarn from Red Heart (I forget the name)… Continue Reading “Blankets 34 – 39”

Blankets 32 & 33

Three Project Linus events in one week: Saturday’s Bi-Monthly Blanket Day – 490 blankets bagged, tagged and ready to deliver Tuesday’s Fundraiser at Culver’s – $455 raised on the raffles alone and a pile of quilt squares from Kids Helping Kids Wednesday’s Monthy Starbucks’s… Continue Reading “Blankets 32 & 33”

Blankets 25 – 31, 2012

My chapter of Project Linus is holding its bi-monthly Blanket Day tomorrow, which means that today was a different kind of Laundry and Packing Day: The large, yellow one used a variegated yarn.  I forget the name but am pretty sure it involved the… Continue Reading “Blankets 25 – 31, 2012”

Blankets 18 – 24

Wednesday night at Starbucks, I was sitting next to Christine – who can crochet anything.  I asked a lady  few chairs over about her yarn, but she didn’t hear me.  Christine identified that brand and exact name.  I thought that was cool, so I… Continue Reading “Blankets 18 – 24”

What I Did This Weekend

Friday, my car pretended that she was sick so that she could spend the day with Bill at the garage.  Seriously.  He heard the noise two days earlier when I asked him to listen, but when there was a whole day with an appointment… Continue Reading “What I Did This Weekend”

Blankets 11 – 17

Saturday is Blanket Day and I just took this batch downstairs to the laundry: The solid yellow has one of the Red Heart Kids yarns – I forget the name.  The lady bug blanket has Red Heart’s Cherry Red.  I am so glad I… Continue Reading “Blankets 11 – 17”