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Day 5

I mentioned that I had five volunteer gigs over five days.  Here is how it went: Day 1 – The Refuge I arrived after work for my regular night feeding, cleaning and medicating (if necessary) the resident parrots.  I found that the daily work… Continue Reading “Day 5”

Prepping Fleece

Annette from Catnip and Coffee asked how we prep the fleece for the crochet-edged blankets.  Karen and Penny, from my chapter of Project Linus, created a video demonstration: The first half shows how to prepare it and the second half shows how to go… Continue Reading “Prepping Fleece”

Blankets 7 – 10

Project Linus night at Starbucks is this week, so I figured I’d better log these in and wash them: My problem here (besides the lighting) is that when I wait until I have several blankets completed, I forget the details of the work.  The… Continue Reading “Blankets 7 – 10”

Blankets 3,4,5,6

Between a really long audio book and the NFL playoffs, I am getting a lot of blankets done.  First, a fully crocheted blanket.  Caron Simply Soft in Sage and Dark Sage: Next, three edged-fleece blankets. On the left is three rows of single crochet… Continue Reading “Blankets 3,4,5,6”

Day of Service and Blanket Two

I had to work today, so I didn’t have a particular project for the MLK Day of Service.  But just so you don’t think I am a slacker,  I will have you know that I am scheduled for stuff with Project Linus, the Refuge… Continue Reading “Day of Service and Blanket Two”

A New Blanket Day

I may have mentioned that every other month, my chapter of Project Linus gathers in a  local church and spend a good part of a Saturday making blankets.  Finished blankets are “processed” by sewing in Project Linus labels, tagged, counted and bagged for delivery… Continue Reading “A New Blanket Day”

Project Linus – Year One

Let’s start with my last two blankets of the year: Blanket 69 starts with this blue fleece from Ikea.  It is large, as seen on a queen sized bed.  So it doesn’t need to be cut at all, just run through with the rotary… Continue Reading “Project Linus – Year One”

Blankets 64 – 68

It is Starbucks night for Project Linus and I finished this month’s stash.  I am now officially recording these out of order, as when I loaded my last two pics from the camera, I found three blankets that I’d finished earlier and not posted.… Continue Reading “Blankets 64 – 68”

Blanket 63

I had to look up my blanket count, it has been so long since I have posted – meaning so long since I have finished a blanket.  Two reasons: this is a fully crocheted blanket, as is the other I started on the road.… Continue Reading “Blanket 63”

November Blanket Day and Blanket 62

Saturday was Blanket Day for our chapter of Project Linus.  I am sorry to say that I totally forgot to take pictures.  But the final product looks pretty much the same every time: This day’s take resembled 560 blankets bagged, tagged and ready to… Continue Reading “November Blanket Day and Blanket 62”