Blankets 11 – 17

Saturday is Blanket Day and I just took this batch downstairs to the laundry:

The solid yellow has one of the Red Heart Kids yarns – I forget the name.  The lady bug blanket has Red Heart’s Cherry Red.  I am so glad I picked up the giant skein of that one.

These two were crafted by the crafty ladies before they landed in Penny’s stash:

Both use scraps of patterned fleece to accent the solid fleece.  Plus the one on the left includes the line “Play Ball” embroidered from a sewing machine.  On the left I used Caron’s white yarn and the right has Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather.


On the right is the fleece from Ikea with Caron Soft Paints yarn in Spring Brook.  The center uses Caron white and the left has Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine.  I would have called it Dusty Rose, but whatever.

So I made it through that pile!


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