Blankets 48 – 55

There was a ton – a ton – of donated fleece at Starbucks night last month.  I took eight pieces and managed to finish them all just in time.

Nothing fancy going on here.  The Cubs fleece has embroidered logos, which some kid is going to love.  Red Heart Cherry Red yarn.  I liked the fleece to the left with the butterflies, but I don’t remember what the yellow yarn was.  The yarn on the solid blue is the new “value” yarn from Michael’s – meant to compete with red Heart, I imagine.  I believe the name of the color/pattern was “tumbleweed”.  In the middle with the green yarn..I don’t even remember.

Then we get to the princess brigade.  I am pretty sure these three Disney patterns have all gone on clearance at the fabric store, because we received yard after yard and I may have contributed myself.  Tiana in particular doesn’t seem to have made it.  How could someone possibly prefer Snow White to Tiana?  I am going to have to discuss this with Ainslie.  On the far left – and I am sorry you can’t see it in this pic – was a charming fleece with frogs on it.

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