Project Linus Volunteer Appreciation – 2012

Most non-profits will have some kind of annual gathering to thank the volunteers.  Cocktail parties around the holidays are rather popular.  My chapter of Project Linus has a Saturday morning tea in September.

The fabulous thing about it is the program filled with representatives from the hospitals and social service agencies that the chapter serves.  They tell the stories of the children that we have helped with the blankets we create.   Seriously, you could cry.

Last year, I learned that we deliver blankets to the Lake County Courthouse, where there is a place for children to wait for their parents who are “taking care of court business”.  There are a lot of reasons that a kid could be there, but I can’t think of any that are particularly happy.  This year, when we were addressed by the program director, she presented us with this “quilt” made by the kids (Penny is holding it up to show us):

She noted that the card with the horse was created by a girl that had been in the program regularly for six years.

In addition to the program, there were pizzas, prizes (I won a gift basket, thank you) – oh! and here are the table settings:

The theme was “Red, White and Blue” and included a Blanket Challenge Contest where attendees voted on the winners.  Here are a few from the “yarn” division.  I did not enter:

But I did draw on a quilt block.  This is a shot of three from my table.  Someone will gather them all and make them into quilts for the children of soldiers.

Mine is the one in the center.  Because I can’t draw.  Miss Ingrid totally copied my fireworks idea.

It was a good time and I still have a week and a half before Starbucks night to finish the one last blanket in my stash.  No problem.



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