Blankets 45-47 and the Community Blanket Concept

OMG I totally forgot to take pictures of the three finished blankets that I brought to Starbucks night.

One was a solid pink fleece with the variegated yarn from Joann Fabric.

The second was a solid purple blanket with a different variegated fleece from Joann Fabric.

The third was that one where the holes were only cut on three sides and Karen had to fix it on Blanket Day last Saturday… what the heck was  That was the pink one.  Oh!

It was another Chicago Bears fleece.  I seem to recall that I picked up two of them last month.  Caron White yarn.

I will not make this mistake again.  But just so I have some pictures, here is a new trick we are trying:

Small pieces of fleece are cut into squares and the holes are punched.  Each volunteer takes one (or five) and crochets the edges:

Then they are stitched together into one blanket:

This was Penny’s idea, and she calls it a “community blanket”.  We worked on a second one this week with larger squares and Penny has some different ideas about how to stitch it together.  It is different, it is interesting, and it doesn’t take a group too terribly long.  Awesome.

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