What I Did This Weekend

Friday, my car pretended that she was sick so that she could spend the day with Bill at the garage.  Seriously.  He heard the noise two days earlier when I asked him to listen, but when there was a whole day with an appointment and everything – nothing.

We spent some time trolling the websites for another dog.

Saturday was Blanket Day.  The take of blankets – bagged, tagged and ready to deliver – was in the neighborhood of 750:

Today, my mother caved and turned on the A/C.  I took Gibbs to the dog park.  This is what he looked like the entire time:

Until he lost his ball.  Then he looked like this:

Then I took him home to take a nap while my mother screamed at March Madness and I went over to the Chicagoland Pet Expo.   I talked with several of the rescues and there was one particular Border Collie mix that I couldn’t get out of my head, so I took her picture and e-mailed it to my mother who had a hundred questions.  So I was the idiot texting and walking through the trade show.  Sorry about that.

When I got home and took out the garbage, I saw this:

Neighbors’ flowers.  This weekend, I also saw that my tulips are coming up.  And I saw a bumblebee.  In each of these three moments I thought, “Poor thing.  You’re doomed.”

Then I finished Season 2 of Downton Abbey, which I will tell you about later.

So that was a good weekend.

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