Using the Library

So I was just saying that as much as I support my local library, I don’t use it effectively.  (Read as: I really have to buy my books.)  However, I checked out some stuff today that reminded me there are several reasons why I appreciate it:

  1. Research.  And not just the Reference Library kind.  The “check out 10 books on the subject” kind – for work and school.
  2. Travel books.  There is no reason under God to spend $22.99 on Frommer’s Hawaii 2011.  Unless you are moving there.  Maybe.
  3. Children’s section.  I can’t tell you what a kick Alex gets out of having his own library card and borrowing his own books.  And kids outgrow books as quickly as everything else.  I know because I just bought him two Scooby Doo books at two different reading levels because I don’t know where he is.  I think I will tell him, “One for Daddy to read to you and one for you to read to Ainslie!”
  4. Audio books.  Because listening to books is awesome, but they are way too expensive for my habits.  You can’t find Books on CD for a dollar.  And the library has so, so many.  I stopped at two.

Of course, now I have to lug this bag back to my car.

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