Checking In

I have had a crazy, crazy week. 

Stuff was happening at work from the second I got in Monday morning.  Wednesday was my usual gig at the Rescue and after that, I went to a meet up at Starbucks for Project Linus where they sent me home with enough fleece that I have become one of those crafty people that have crafty stuff spilling out of the closet.

On top of that, I am exhausted from staying up for the playoffs.  I was watching the Bulls gamecast from the Library last night, in between helping customers and pricing new donations and trying to knock out one of said fleece blankets.  I got home in time to see the ‘hawks score the first goal.

In addition to setting up on, I have signed on to the Living Philanthropic Year Two Challenge:

“I pledge to donate at least $1, volunteer, or do a random act of kindness every day for as long as I decide to challenge myself. I know I can follow and join the LivingPhilanthropic team projects at Crowdrise:

The “every day” was a bit intimidating.   But between fostering birds and making blankets, I probably have that covered. 

So I realize that I have not been all that online, but I have at least three blog posts for the weekend!

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