Dear Charlie Sheen

Please shut up now.  Please.

You know I am on your side.  You know I was happy as long as you showed up on the set, ready to work, like a professional.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Until you get arrested.  And sent to rehab (or jail like Kiefer), in which case you can’t show up on the set, ready to work, like a professional.

I agree that Chuck Lorre is a bit much.  He created a television show with a main character based on Bad Charlie and then hired you to star in it.  You were very good natured about it.  We were all in on the joke.  But really.  No one was surprised to hear that Bad Charlie was making a comeback.  Lorre rolled the dice and got, what 8 years of a cash cow show?  Dude should be grateful.

But, Charlie.  You know your baggage is putting people out of work.  You know this because you offered to share the cost of keeping them paid.  Shutting down for the season may have been an executive being petulant because you shot your mouth off about him.  But it may have been that someone who shoots his  mouth off about the boss is either a fool or insane or on drugs.  We don’t think you are a fool.  The remaining options make you a bad business risk.  In the end, it is all about the business.

Your bud Kiefer got himself into trouble, too.  But he said he was sorry and did his time.  And shut up about it.  Please follow his example and shut up now.

You really do sound crazy. (And that link was from last week.)

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