On Election Night

I am bouncing back and forth between returns and the Bulls game.  And some West Wing clips on YouTube.

I left work a bit early to go vote.  The place was packed and the volunteer I spoke with said that in his nine years working elections, this has been the highest turnout in my precinct.  300 people before the real commuter crowd arrived and a good 200 had voted early.  I asked how many, exactly were in the precinct.  He didn’t know offhand, but could tell me that the lowest turnout in those nine years – it was for a local election – was 28.

I drove by my early voting place several times over the past couple of weeks.  I didn’t stop because there were no parking places to be found.

So that is all good news.

New phenomenon: bringing the kids to the voting booth.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  On one hand, I would have freakin’ loved if my parents had done that.  (But by the time I was old enough to semi-intelligently ask my parents about voting, my father was telling me that it was none of my business.  I expect he was having a political identity crisis.)  On the other hand, that lady with the little girl took forever.  And there was a line.  A line!

And because it is Election Night..this is not my favorite scene from this ep, but I love it:

One Comment on “On Election Night

  1. Ah, West Wing. Love it. I’ve been rewatching it on Amazon over the last few weeks and now I wish they’d make more, or a spinoff, anything.

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