When I was a kid, Dallas was my favorite show.  Favorite.  Han Solo may have been my first love, but Bobby Ewing was the first, “I am going to marry a guy just like that.”

Like many people, (seriously, I checked the stats on the ratings) I began losing interest when the supercouple of Bobby and Pam was permanently dismantled.  I

couldn’t tell you a thing that happened in the last season except for the grand (silly) finale.

When I heard about the reboot on TNT, I set my DVR, but didn’t watch it.  Then I sat through two episodes.  It wasn’t horrible, (Well.  It was half-horrible.) but it was no Downton Freakin’ Abbey.  And the truth was, it made me sad to see Larry Hagman so…old.  So I let my DVR run and left it alone.  I caught up a bit reading the recaps while it was on hiatus.  And then I read about Hagman’s death.

I read everything I could find about it.  That it was Thanksgiving and he was in Dallas.  He had filmed a lot of scenes for the second season.  Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray – his longtime co-stars and friends – were with him at the end.  Duffy reminded me that when he left the show for that terrible season (the one that ended with the shower and “it was all a dream”), he returned because there was a very meaty contract and because Larry Hagman asked him to.  But I wasn’t all that interested in how TNT was going to kill off the character.  I wasn’t planning on watching.  And then someone in my house started asking about it. 

It is my own fault, really.  I spent too much time as a nine-year-old recapping every episode to my parents.  My father could tune me out.  My mother had a harder time.  I told her what I knew.  Then last night, I walked into her bedroom and she shushed me.  She shushed me.  It was the last five minutes of Dallas.  She had watched the funeral.


So I watched it tonight, all handy on the DVR.  And it was good.  It might have required Kleenex.  It was true to the spirit of everything I know about the characters and the stories past and present.  (Although seriously, Sue Ellen?  I don’t care if it’s a scheme to trick him into handing over drilling rights.  Hitting on Gary is icky.)  Then I looked up some recaps for the previous few episodes and my brain started turning on the different ways the story could run.  And because I am obsessed with the balance of the Universe: if J.R. is gone, then who the hell is Bobby?

Dammit, Mom.

One Comment on “Dallas

  1. I thought the funeral episode was very touching, and I liked how they really downplayed the music and made it somber. Going to be an interesting ride, though I wish the actor who played John Ross was anywhere near as awesome as Hagman was.

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