Mad Men, Season Two like Season One, I spent the first few episodes of Mad Men, Season Two wondering what I was doing watching these horrible people and their mean little lives.

Then I got sucked in again.

I don’t think it is too much of a generalization to say that in any good Season Two, there is some serious character development.  For me, the way the women flesh out is the more important.

I am interested in the way that Peggy is growing up – she is a trailblazer and this is a Boys’ Club.  Watching her try to take Joan’s advice, “Stop trying to be a man,” and “Stop dressing like a little girl,”  was worth my time.  We really need to move past the Catholic Conflict, though.  That story has been told many times before.

And poor Joan.  She plays the game by the rules and lands her doctor and he is just as big an ass as the Boys Club and she isn’t happy.  She grows professionally and isn’t recognized for it.  And OMG with Roger’s little twinkie.  I am looking forward to seeing what Joan does next, and how she gets even.

Betty.  I spent most of the season disgusted with her.  The hand she was dealt wasn’t all bad, but she played it so poorly and is so very spiteful about it.  Then we get to the last ep.  I don’t want to throw out any spoilers here, but I started to sympathize.

And finally, while I don’t expect to see much of her again, Cooper’s sister was a riot.  I want to be her when I grow up.  Example:

Cooper, the senior partner, is a germaphobe who makes everyone take off their shoes before entering his office.  Alice strolls right in and when Cooper starts to protest, she says something like, “Bertram, my stockings are worth more than your carpet.”

I hope Season Three dives right in.

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