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You Know You Have Been on the Road Too Long

I have probably mentioned that early in my career, during a conversation with some of the Road Warriors in my office, I was told about a strange phenomenon that sometimes strikes them: Waking up in a hotel room and not knowing where you are.… Continue Reading “You Know You Have Been on the Road Too Long”

Seattle, Take 3

Another conference in Seattle.  We are at the Marriott Waterfront, which is a decent hotel.  Walkable to Pike’s Market and the Waterfront Grill of the Baked Alaska.  Interesting hotel room view: But I am feeling decidedly cranky at the Internet fee:  12.00 per day is… Continue Reading “Seattle, Take 3”

More about the Résumé

I am thinking that Career Builder is actually a decent resource for information, as well as searching the job posts. Through MSN, they had a “Test Your Résumé Readiness Quiz” that hits the nail on the head as far as I am concerned. Tip… Continue Reading “More about the Résumé”


Not that you’ve asked for my job hunting advice, but Joy and I were talking about some résumés this afternoon and I feel the need to get up on a soap box. My standard disclaimer applies – HR people are all different and we… Continue Reading “Applications”

Dental Care

This is a pretty good article on the state of dental insurance, particularly as an employee benefit.  It talks about all of the things that I tell my people, including: Dental insurance does not work the same way as health insurance.  You are going… Continue Reading “Dental Care”


My allergies were bugging me and my ears went insane on the airplane.  I had such a bad headache on Monday that I left the office early, canceled dinner with Holly, ordered room service and did some homework. In front of the television.  Because… Continue Reading “Eh.”

The Difference

Now this is interesting. MSN Money has an article (well, it is really a blog post) trying to determine why some people earn $30,000 and some earn $100,000: “Many commenters noted that, from their experience, high-income earners generally exhibit several of the following traits:They… Continue Reading “The Difference”

Another Rant about One’s Choice of Words

“I will return your call at my earliest convenience,” was part of the recorded message I received from a vendor’s voicemail. I once had a co-worker that had a similar outgoing message and it bothered me. Not the timing – I don’t expect people… Continue Reading “Another Rant about One’s Choice of Words”

Book Swap Shelf

A guy at work e-mails me one day, asking if we might set up a Book Swap shelf at the office. He regularly contributes book recommendations to our employee newsletter. I like the idea, so I pursue it. I write some guidelines that are… Continue Reading “Book Swap Shelf”


Working in HR means that I receive calls – by the dozen – every day from recruiters wanting to place candidates with me. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them that my turnover is incredibly low and that I have a list… Continue Reading “Recruiters”