My allergies were bugging me and my ears went insane on the airplane.  I had such a bad headache on Monday that I left the office early, canceled dinner with Holly, ordered room service and did some homework.

In front of the television.  Because there was NCIS on the USA Network.

The next night, I got on the Metro to go meet Holly and I had a moment.  Normally, when I land in Washington, I grab my luggage and get on the Metro and as soon as I board the train I think something resembling:

“Yay!  I’m in Washington!”

Tuesday night, I realized that I hadn’t had that moment the day before.  That felt sucky.  I hope it was just because I didn’t feel well.

Wednesday night, Joy and I had dinner at the boss’ house.  Because he is retiring and his wife rocks. 

I came home to find that the bathroom isn’t done, the dog has gone insane, I’m still behind on the homework and NCIS is still on the USA Network.

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