More about the Résumé

I am thinking that Career Builder is actually a decent resource for information, as well as searching the job posts. Through MSN, they had a “Test Your Résumé Readiness Quiz” that hits the nail on the head as far as I am concerned.

Tip of the day: I write the word “résumé” a lot. You’d think I have a macro, but I’m too lazy. Most of us HR types will forgive seeing “resume” instead of “résumé”, particularly in an e-mail, but it looks somewhat less polished.  I can’t quite live with writing it that way myself. Here’s my trick (in MS Word):

Type “resuma”. It will give you a red underline for a misspelled word. Then right-click to correct and you will find résumé on the list of choices.

Now take that quiz!

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