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Those Calls

As you may know, I make it very easy for the world to leave me a message and rather difficult to catch me live and in person. If I don’t recognize a caller i.d., I rarely answer the phone. A woman calls me at… Continue Reading “Those Calls”

Online Job Searches

Career advice is everywhere lately and you don’t really need more from me. However. Rachel from I Hate HR blogged a bit about her pet peeves from online applications. The big one was using someone else’s e-mail address. So. True. If you are looking… Continue Reading “Online Job Searches”

Demographics of the 401(k)

A few days ago I read an article over at MSNBC about McDonald’s 401(k) plan. Apparently, participants contributing 5% of salary are matched at 11% of salary. That’s pretty damn good. But something struck me so hard I actually e-mailed it to my boss:… Continue Reading “Demographics of the 401(k)”

Conventions and Meetings

I am leaving tomorrow for our big annual meeting. This is my 12th year working this event. That number pretty much puts me at the grown ups table. “What was your first Annual Meeting?” is a common question among our veterans. I remember the… Continue Reading “Conventions and Meetings”

Late Sort of Christmas Present

Over the holidays, my Chief IT Guy e-mailed to ask me to come into the office while I was on vacation. He was going to be in town from Washington and wanted to set up my shiny new Blackberry. I didn’t really need a… Continue Reading “Late Sort of Christmas Present”

How Evil is HR?

Patrick Erwin at wrote a short article on 5 Job Blogs You Should be Reading. Blahblahblah. But wait. What is this? Punk Rock HR?! So I look at her stuff. The writer, Laurie Ruettimann, worked in HR for a good stretch and is… Continue Reading “How Evil is HR?”

More about Security

Monday to Raleigh. Tuesday home from Raleigh. Wednesday to Fargo. I hadn’t really unpacked. I am in line at security at O’Hare. Security gives me a “Is this your bag?” Me: “Yes.” Him: “Do you have any sharp objects in this bag?” Me: (Holy… Continue Reading “More about Security”

Called into the Principal’s Office

I hadn’t unpacked my bag yet, so my camera was with me at work. Our building had put up the Holiday decorations while I was gone, so I went to go take a picture of the tree for our employee newsletter. And maybe one… Continue Reading “Called into the Principal’s Office”

Cover Letters

MSN had an article discussing whether or not a cover letter is important for job applicants. You can read it here. Do HR people really read them? My best answer is that most of us will..sort of. But if you don’t submit one, we… Continue Reading “Cover Letters”

Public Service Announcement – Doctors

A genetic resistance to Novocain and a couple of dismissive dentists made me one of those crazy fearful people. I knew it was irrational, I knew my teeth would only get worse. But those of us that have been there know there are few… Continue Reading “Public Service Announcement – Doctors”