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Wrightsville Beach

I spent a few days in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina for a conference. The nearest airport is Wilmington, but cost + schedules = had-to-rent-a-car-anyway led me to fly into Raleigh and drive the two hours to the coast. The hotel was a Holiday Inn… Continue Reading “Wrightsville Beach”

Reflections on SHRM

If you are looking for an intelligent review of this conference, please go here.  Now that’s out of the way..I don’t like Vegas.  But this was the first time I had the time and the budget to attend SHRM.  Also, this was the first… Continue Reading “Reflections on SHRM”


The Blog of Note today on iGoogle was Ah the Possibilities!, written by Sarah.  She is a list maker and when a friend accused her of being “bossy” with her To Do List, she asked for opinions. Her commenters were almost all list-makers.  I… Continue Reading “Lists”

A Thing for the Place with the Stuff

So. When something lights my fuse, I have to deal with it right. that. second. At work, that means I start dialing the phone without even thinking about what I am going to say. The other day, as I was doing expense reports, three… Continue Reading “A Thing for the Place with the Stuff”

Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency!

Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency! How prepared are you for emergency situations? Do you know how to do CPR? Does your home or business have an evacuation plan or do fire drills? Do you have a generator, duct tape, candles, first aid kit, fire extinguisher,… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency!”

For Anyone Griping about Recruiters

This is the pile of applications I received for a recent job post.   No wait – this was only the “No” pile: You might think I am evil, because I will size up a résumé in ten seconds or less.  You may think I… Continue Reading “For Anyone Griping about Recruiters”

Checking In

So this is my schedule this week: Monday morning:       Fly to WashingtonMonday afternoon:     Work in WashingtonTuesday:                    Meetings in WashingtonWednesday morning:   Work in WashingtonWednesday afternoon: Fly homeThursday morning:       Meetings at the officeThursday afternoon:     Fly to OhioFriday morning:           Meetings in OhioFriday morning:           Fly home I will be eating at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels… Continue Reading “Checking In”

Saving for Retirement

I read a lot of articles about retirement. A lot. Occupational hazard. But MSN Money had one that made me think. 6 Smart Ways to Save for Retirement was the title. The first one was: Don’t inflate your standard of living. As you get… Continue Reading “Saving for Retirement”

I Read the News Today. Oh, boy.

Two stories that freaked me out on First, Fidelity Investments is reporting that the number of workers taking hardship withdrawals from their 401k) plans is at a 10-year high.  So, not surprising, right?  Here’s what got me: “What’s also eye-opening is that 45%… Continue Reading “I Read the News Today. Oh, boy.”

I Was a Real Commuter

By “real commuter” I mean that I used public transportation to go back and forth between my suburban homestead (in this case, the Marriott Courtyard in Alexandria, Virginia) and my office in the city. When I was in school – that would be The American… Continue Reading “I Was a Real Commuter”