A Thing for the Place with the Stuff

So. When something lights my fuse, I have to deal with it right. that. second. At work, that means I start dialing the phone without even thinking about what I am going to say.

The other day, as I was doing expense reports, three Metro cards dropped out of my bag. These passes for the Washington DC subway system each had a balance of something like 20 cents.

Stef, my colleague in DC, has worked with our group for nearly a year now. She has been telling me to get a real SmarTrip card. The hard plastic, reloadable cards that real commuters use. I called her:

Me: I need one of those..things!
Stef: What things?!
Me: For the place! The..um..card things!
Stef: Oh. (breathes) You mean a SmarTrip pass?
Me: Yes! Because the cards! Twenty cents! Everywhere!

She sent me the link to order one online.

“I need a thing for the place with the stuff” is a joke around my office. I am not the only person that starts talking without bothering to initiate the brainpower to articulate a coherent thought. Or even a complete sentence. But we generally understand each other. And Stef has officially been initiated into my nonsense.

One Comment on “A Thing for the Place with the Stuff

  1. Cracking up, Anne..don't try that on a guy. Paul tells me he can tell I work for doctors by the way I talk all around something..why is it that a woman never asks me to clarify?? 🙂

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