Wrightsville Beach

I spent a few days in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina for a conference. The nearest airport is Wilmington, but cost + schedules = had-to-rent-a-car-anyway led me to fly into Raleigh and drive the two hours to the coast.

The hotel was a Holiday Inn Resort, and a very nice one at that.  The rate was perfectly reasonable.  I was told by a regular that we had our meeting just in time – a few more weeks and it would be IN SEASON, which is crowded and expensive.  This was the view from my room:

We had a nice group dinner at the Bluewater Grill that would have been even better if we had been able to order off the menu.

I didn’t have time for a whole lot of tourist stuff, but I did visit the USS North Carolina.  WWII battleship docked in historic Wilmington.  The bad news is that (at least in the off-season), the water taxis don’t run over there, so the rest of my group didn’t have the opportunity to see it.  However, I was able to honestly report that it was hot, crowded and claustrophobic below deck – such that a non-zero number of people didn’t feel terrible about missing it.

On deck, however, was great:

Overall, it was a good trip.  Productive in the meeting room and pleasant outside of it.  And now I am totally exhausted.

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