Checking In

So this is my schedule this week:

Monday morning:       Fly to Washington
Monday afternoon:     Work in Washington
Tuesday:                    Meetings in Washington
Wednesday morning:   Work in Washington
Wednesday afternoon: Fly home
Thursday morning:       Meetings at the office
Thursday afternoon:     Fly to Ohio
Friday morning:           Meetings in Ohio
Friday morning:           Fly home

I will be eating at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels at least three times this week.  And right now, I am looking at my computer and thinking, “I don’t feel like lugging you through O’Hare again.”

I have taken big steps in the holiday shopping and am right now working overtime on the handmade gifts.    Which means I am not getting any reading done.  I am sure I will still make the 50 Book Challenge, but I might be marathon reading that last week.  Again.  This is particularly bad because I went into Half Price Books in Palatine and found four things in the Clearance Section that I just had to have.

And speaking of that Half Price Books, the Wings Program relocated its Palatine store to that shopping center – between the book store and the TJ Maxx.  That would be the shopping center with the nearest Sonic Drive In to my house.  As if I needed one more reason to go there.

And now I need to finish packing. 

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