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30 Day TV Meme – Day 02

Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching Honestly, since Lost is ending, there isn’t any show I think is worth pitching.  In fact, I rather wish people watched less TV.  But if I have to come up with an answer,… Continue Reading “30 Day TV Meme – Day 02”


I went to the Mariners game last night with Joy and some other colleagues.  Safeco Field is a perfectly nice stadium and it was a lovely night.  The retractable roof was open and it was the second home game of the season.  The place… Continue Reading “Mariners”

Chicago Slaughter

My brother, Scott, and I had talked about going to see a Chicago Rush game before the arena league suspended its season.  The Chicago Slaughter is the other arena league team in the area.  Bears Great Steve McMichael is the head coach, Jim McMahon… Continue Reading “Chicago Slaughter”

Super Weekend

I was so busy this weekend that I don’t even have goofy stories to tell about it. My nephew, Alex’s birthday was yesterday.  He seemed terribly bored with the gifts we brought him – the Spiderman blanket (even when I told him that it was… Continue Reading “Super Weekend”


Jason Whitlock at has me fired up again. (For the record – I don’t read him all the time and I don’t agree with everything he says). In his NFL Truths column today, Whitlock said this: “The next time someone tells you that… Continue Reading “What-WHAT?!”


Once a year, the Bears seem to have a Thursday night game. Thursday night, when I am at the library. So I am sitting with my paper, due Sunday. But I have Internet, so I go to the gamecast at You get a… Continue Reading “Gamecast”

The Payton Tribute

CBS, in its ultimate suckage, required the city of Chicago to watch its halftime game recap rather than the tribute to Walter Payton that was being held on the field.  I want it noted for the record that I called it – my mother… Continue Reading “The Payton Tribute”

Walter Payton

We’ve been thinking about Walter Payton in Chicago lately.  I mean, we always talk about him, but lately we’ve been thinking.   For me, it started with word that they were trying to get a statue put in at Soldier Field.  Apparently the Park District,… Continue Reading “Walter Payton”

Did CBS Listen to Peyton Manning’s Commercials?

I’ve been doing my homework with the CBS early game on the TV on mute.  An hour ago, it was the third quarter of the Eagles game.  Then, at some point, it switched to the Titans and the Jets.  I can see from the… Continue Reading “Did CBS Listen to Peyton Manning’s Commercials?”

The Circus

Jason Whitlock was talking about Favre in his Fox Sports column today. He says that “Britney” Favre (he didn’t coin it) is our own fault because we keep clicking on his name. Yeah. Sorry about that. But this was his higher message: “You blame… Continue Reading “The Circus”