30 Day TV Meme – Day 29

Day 29 – Current t.v show obsession

Now that Lost is over, (and 24 in its day) my only dealbreaker – the only “do not call when it is on” show – is a Bears game.

My aunt Bev is a football fan of the NCAA variety, but she knows the rules. She has been known to watch a Bears game so that she knows when it is halftime and thus safe to call my house. Since halftime only lasts 15 minutes, I think it is also the way she knows that she will not get tied up on the phone.

My brother and I have been know to call each other at halftime just to shout at someone about how great (or crappy) a game it is. Then it’s all, “OK, bye” and I get this from my mother:

Her: “Was that Scott?”

Me: “Yes.”

Her: “Well, what did he have to say?”

Me: “That Lovey Smith is wasting Devin Hester’s talent and Brian Urlacher is clearly still in pain.”

Her: “But what are the kids doing?”

Me: “Umm. Watching the game with him?”

Her: “Well, is he coming over next weekend?”

Me: “Dude. Call him yourself. But not now. Game on.”

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