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T Minus Four Weeks

Like the new school year, the football season always begins with such great hope. A clean slate and everyone is healthy. Of course, with a season that starts with the Packers and moves onto the Steelers, it is best to manage our expectations. Preseason… Continue Reading “T Minus Four Weeks”


When did the one-named “Ozzie” become Guillen and not Osbourne? When he started talking like this (excuse me for printing a Chicago Tribune article in its entirety): Looks like Ozzie is being Ozzie again.After Cubs manager Lou Piniella pointed out the spike in attendance… Continue Reading “Ozzie”

Changes at MNF

I like Tony Kornheiser, but he made me crazy on MNF. So I am not sorry to see Fox Sports reporting that he is giving it up. And Chucky is replacing him! Kornheiser says: “If I could handpick a replacement of a football guy,… Continue Reading “Changes at MNF”

Did I Mention I Hate Overtime?

You know – when I tell the Bears that I am tired of overtime, they just go ahead and lose. The Bulls, on the other hand, mock me. I left for the library without my laptop last night. I decided that I was going… Continue Reading “Did I Mention I Hate Overtime?”

Race Court with Judge Jason

I do not always agree with Jason Whitlock, the “edgy” Fox Sports columnist. And I am only a semi-regular reader anyway. But he has always had something interesting to say about race as it relates to sports and sports media and lately, diversity has… Continue Reading “Race Court with Judge Jason”

I Cannot Take This Series Anymore

I hate overtime. I really, really hate overtime.

Have You Seen What the Bears’ New DE Can Do?

Happy Trails

When I heard John Madden is retiring, I thought he must be sick. But he says he isn’t. He is 73 years old and wants to enjoy his grandchildren. Michael Hiestand at USA Today wrote the nicest article and if I wasn’t already aware,… Continue Reading “Happy Trails”

During the Bears Game

Before the Game started, I made myself a sandwich and steamed some frozen vegetables for Daisy. Kiwi never eats her vegetables. So what happened? Daisy took a chunk of my sandwich and flew away. Kiwi went to check out the vegetables. Shadow just didn’t… Continue Reading “During the Bears Game”


Now that it is over, I can talk about it: I root for both the Cubs and the White Sox. If they happen to be playing each other, I root for the Cubs. Unless it really, really, matters to the Sox and doesn’t at… Continue Reading “Baseball”