It is So On

My office had a Bears Day – wear your team gear to the office – on Friday.  Well, you don’t have to tell me twice.  I wore my lucky Brian Urlacher jersey.  And because one can’t clomp around in the office wearing one’s snow boots (and the heels I keep under my desk would look silly), I ran around on Friday wearing my slippers.

Toward the end of the day, a colleague laughed at my jersey, asking from whom I had borrowed it.  I was clearly a couple of sizes too big.  I hadn’t borrowed it from anyone.  But I’ve lost some weight since I bought it.  It seemed like time to get a new one.

As any sports fan knows, jerseys can get really expensive really quickly.  The best quality, with the names and numbers sewn on can run $250.00.

Not in the budget.  But Kohl’s had some replicas on sale and I picked one up on Saturday.  Matt Forte.  Now to the dilemma:

This is not your average Sunday.  This is the playoffs.  Would wearing the new Matt Forte jersey upset the delicate balance of mojo?  Should I just do my laundry and wear No. 54?

Ultimately, I decided that if the Bears couldn’t manage that minor shift in my ritual, I didn’t want them playing the Pack next week, anyway.

And I was too lazy to do laundry last night.  Obviously, it turned out just fine.  And now hear this:

Everyone.  No more talking until next Sunday.  Not one more word.

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