The Locker Room

This story annoys me – the female reporter in the locker room that tweeted about “dying of embarrassment” from the attention she was getting from the players. I couldn’t even watch the entire story, but here it is:

Everyone and his dog has weighed in – Jason Whitlock, Christine Brennan – and Lance Briggs was the player in Chicago that spoke up. He says that women should not be allowed in the locker rooms. From the Chicago Tribune:

“The locker room is the place where us guys, us football players, we dress, we shower, we’re naked, we’re walking around and we’re bombarded by media. A lot of times I’m asking the media to wait until I’m dressed.”

Here is what I say: The solution is very simple.

No one should be in the locker room. Not from the media. No one. The locker room is for players and team staff. And maybe someone’s mom if he really has a booboo.

This is not a gender issue.

Seriously, are there not enough places to interview the players? The sidelines? The parking lot? The bloody press room? I understand that every once in awhile some awesome copy probably comes from the locker room. But usually not. And anyway –

I don’t care. I’m not defending the behavior of the players that think it is funny to catcall a pretty girl. But I am decidedly unimpressed with the media. If the players are feeling “bombarded” while they are undressed, the media is hardly any more civilized. Get them out of the locker room.

P.S. Dear Ms. Sainz – If you are going to call yourself “the hottest sports reporter in Mexico”, you are not going to be taken seriously as a journalist. I hope your 15 minutes are up now.

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