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I took a vacation day so that I could sleep late, wake up, read my notes one more time and take my midterm. Because today is Day 5 and the window to take the midterm is Day 5 – Day 7. The midterm does… Continue Reading “Grrrr”

Ridiculous Sunday.

7:30 a.m. I head downstairs to feed the birds and give Eloise the Foster Grey her meds. There is a drop of blood on the paper in her cage. I give her the meds, and as I move to pick her up and look… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Sunday.”

Anne’s Day Off

I took a vacation day to go downtown and see my financial advisor. I yelled at him for making me look at my 401(k). To make a long story short, he patted me on my little head, told me I was fine and said… Continue Reading “Anne’s Day Off”

A Good Night at the Library and other stuff

I haven’t posted about the Library in awhile. The construction has made the parking situation unbearable, but at least it is progress. And we currently have 554 books listed on our Amazon Storefront. We’ve had to clear out shelf space and it still isn’t… Continue Reading “A Good Night at the Library and other stuff”

Help! Was that a Career Limiting Move? by Pamela J. Holland and Marjorie Brody

Book 9 (Which I seem to have skipped over earlier) Help! Was That a Career Limiting Move? was literally assigned reading in my current course, “Managing People, Professionals and Teams”. This is a business etiquette book. It was a whole bunch of short pieces… Continue Reading “Help! Was that a Career Limiting Move? by Pamela J. Holland and Marjorie Brody”

Would You Believe?

I left my textbook at my desk at work? And I’m not going back to get it.

New Session

As you can tell by the book to the left, I have started my next class. I am happy to say I will not be required to take my mid-term at the HR Conference. But otherwise I am counting down the weeks until the… Continue Reading “New Session”

Catching Up

My final exam grade was just released. I thought I choked and landed with an 80. And that is before my classmates start arguing with the professor about that one marked wrong when the answer I marked was taken directly from the textbook. At… Continue Reading “Catching Up”

Final Exams

My Real-Life friends have heard this story be it: When I was at AU, (before 9/11) there was an occassional bomb threat called into the big buildings during Finals Week. There was never a bomb, so we always figured some desperate kid was… Continue Reading “Final Exams”

Pass on What You Have Learned

I was having lunch with my boss, Dave, and my co-worker, Christy. Christy is in Accounting. They are talking about a Clearance Sale that our Public Relations department is offering to our members on some older publications. Christy encouraged it, saying the products were… Continue Reading “Pass on What You Have Learned”