Catching Up

My final exam grade was just released. I thought I choked and landed with an 80. And that is before my classmates start arguing with the professor about that one marked wrong when the answer I marked was taken directly from the textbook. At the end of the course, I think I will end up with my B+.

In other news: My car was making a scary noise, so she went to the shop today. Suspension, it was suspected. From the potholes. I was all prepared for a $500 bill. It was only $215. Because I was feeling so lucky that my six year old car is not costing a fortune, I ran through a mental list of the next things that will need repair.

The battery. I called my mechanic back. “Have I ever had my battery replaced?”

Him: “I don’t think so.”

Me: “She’s six years old and has 65,000 miles. How long do batteries last?”

Him: “That long. If you are lucky.”

Me: “I’m lucky.”

Him: “I’ll check.”

Then Rich and Karen, Rescue Directors Extraordinaire, brought Kiwi’s new Java tree to my house. Perks of volunteering – they even helped me build it. Check her out:

And finally, Spooky the Cat, who seems to have gained a bit of weight since his check up a few weeks ago:

Is still just licking the gravy off of his “filets”.(wow, the difference between “e-mail and copy” pictures and “import” has never been quite so clear)

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