Anne’s Day Off

I took a vacation day to go downtown and see my financial advisor. I yelled at him for making me look at my 401(k). To make a long story short, he patted me on my little head, told me I was fine and said that I should go refinance my mortgage now.

Alrighty then.

So I headed out to the Chicagoland Pet Expo. The Pet Expo is a place for vendors to introduce pet products and an opportunity for the rescues to introduce adoptable animals to the public and raise some funds. The Refuge had a booth there, with several of the birds to meet the public. I stopped and chatted for awhile, then wandered around to shop for my zoo.

Here is what I found the next booth over:

His name is Chuck, he is about a year old and my mom won’t let me have him! She has a list of “requirements” for our next dog that basically eliminates every breed. Chuck is not allowed because he has floppy ears that will be prone to infection. There are also dogs that are too big or too small. No dogs that have to go to the groomer. And no dogs that shed.


Anyway, I always carry around a lot of singles at the Pet Expo so that I can drop a dollar in the pockets of vests like Chuck’s. The last couple of years, one rescue had a dog that would take the dollar from your hand and put it in a bucket. I didn’t see him this year. But I saw the Dobermans, the German Shepards, the White Shepards, the Greyhounds, the Border Collies…you get the idea.

Sham-wow had a booth. I bought a set of those. You laugh, but you have no idea how many paper towels I have gone through with Eloise the Foster Grey in the house.

And then I went home to do my homework. Because that is what I do on Friday nights these days.

2 Comments on “Anne’s Day Off

  1. I am amused by the sham-wow but seems like it would be helpful. Very cute about the dogs taking tips. Good luck talking your mom into another one.

  2. I have a rule about TV infomercials – I must see it three times before I am allowed to make a purchase. If it still seems like a good idea, it is allowed. I have seen the sham-wow one several times, and then there was the guy in the booth doing the demo.I think the test of the sham-wow will be how it holds up after being in the washing machine.

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