Final Exams

My Real-Life friends have heard this story be it:

When I was at AU, (before 9/11) there was an occassional bomb threat called into the big buildings during Finals Week. There was never a bomb, so we always figured some desperate kid was going to inconvenience the world because he was unprepared.

My junior year, I showed up to my Corporate Finance final only to hear the professor say there had been a bomb threat and we would re-schedule the final. I was prepared for this test. As I pondered exactly how put out I was by the re-schedule, several others went crazy.

No, they said. We are prepared for this test and want to take it right now. Can we do it on the quad?

The professor looked at us. How many wanted to take the test that minute on the quad? At least half of us raised our hands. So we were allowed to take the test on the quad while the building was being searched. The others were allowed to re-schedule.

We are in the Final Exam window for my Accounting Class. I took it on Saturday – totally choked, by the way – but the people who were scheduled for today are in large part snowed out. BU’s campus is shut down altogether. and many testing centers are also closed on the East Coast.

You might think it is some kind of reprieve, but it actually throws off your whole schedule. If you thought you were going to be done today, but have to keep studying to keep it fresh, it is a hassle. Thought you were going to have that week off of class? Now it is down to four days. Though you were going to get ahead of the next one? Not so much.

And for me, waiting to find out just how badly I choked?

I don’t even want to talk about that.

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