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Video Killed the Radio Star

Check out this new theory about Internet education: Students starting school this year may be part of the last generation for which “going to college” means packing up, getting a dorm room and listening to tenured professors. Undergraduate education is on the verge of… Continue Reading “Video Killed the Radio Star”

Best. Website. Ever.

MSN had a link on the front page that said, “Should Online Courses Go on Your Résumé?” Inasmuch as I am in an online degree program, I clicked on it and thought, “And why the hell not?” Oh. Because there are no grades. No… Continue Reading “Best. Website. Ever.”

I Hate Group Projects

I was telling my brother about my group project for school. It was Easter Sunday and we were sitting down to brunch. He said, “I hate group projects.” My nephew, Alex, age 4, said: “I hate snow.” Then my brother remembered that we are… Continue Reading “I Hate Group Projects”

This Was Interesting

I am doing a project for school on Diversity. We read in class about the Implicit Association Test, part of Project Implicit. Project Implicit is a “Virtual Laboratory for the social and behavioral sciences designed to facilitate the research of implicit social cognition: cognitions,… Continue Reading “This Was Interesting”

School Debate

I had an interesting debate in school last week. We were talking about managers and trouble with managers and then someone mentioned going to talk to HR. Two of my classmates suggested that talking to HR is useless when you have a problem with… Continue Reading “School Debate”

Diversity: Leaders not Labels, by Stedman Graham

Book 13 I picked up Diversity: Leaders not Labels from the library as research material for my group project. Then I realized it was written by Stedman Graham, who is a big deal management consultant in Chicago and also known as Oprah’s Significant Other.… Continue Reading “Diversity: Leaders not Labels, by Stedman Graham”

End of the Weekend Blathering

I was going to take a picture of the snow and give you a “Mother Nature always saves one last snowstorm for April” speech. But that bored even me. The school news today is that I turned in my first paper yesterday. It was… Continue Reading “End of the Weekend Blathering”

I Want this Semester to Be Over

Finishing up Week Three. Four more until the end of the semester. One paper. One group project. One final exam. My To Be Read bookcase is officially overflowing and I am reading library books for school. Doesn’t stop me from going to Half Price… Continue Reading “I Want this Semester to Be Over”

Thought I’d Outgrown This

I got up from writing my paper to go to the bathroom. I came back, and saw this: It’s like high school all over again. With a cat.

How to Become a Great Boss, by Jeffrey J. Fox

Book 12 I picked up How to Become a Great Boss, by Jeffrey J. Fox as a reference book for my first paper this semester. Turns out it is pretty readable with short, illustrative vignettes. One memorable moment came with “Don’t Check Expense Accounts”.… Continue Reading “How to Become a Great Boss, by Jeffrey J. Fox”