Help! Was that a Career Limiting Move? by Pamela J. Holland and Marjorie Brody

    Book 9 (Which I seem to have skipped over earlier)

    Help! Was That a Career Limiting Move? was literally assigned reading in my current course, “Managing People, Professionals and Teams”. This is a business etiquette book. It was a whole bunch of short pieces that sometimes might be considered no-brainers. It was all good material, but trying to read it all in one sitting was a bit much. Some favorites:

    The idea that you are here to serve the work, the work is not here to serve you. It was in a piece about how no job is perfect.

    Do not stand directly behind someone at his or her computer. You are invading personal space.

    Keep your shoes on.

    There was also an interesting statistic about smoking (the advice was to quit) that makes me wonder about hiring discrimination:

    Smoking employees have 34% more absences from work, are 29% more likely to have industrial accidents and are 40% more likely to suffer occupational injuries.

    I am totally going to leave this at my desk.

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